Which future for drug research, discoveri & development in Lombardy

26 settembre 2014 ore 10:00 - Milano, Università - Sala Napoleonica - Palazzo Greppi

Research, discovery and development of new therapies are key activities to respond to the health needs of the people and critical processes for the economic and social development of the country. Despite low investments, the quality of Italian scientific research is outstanding, achieving excellence in many instances. However, only in very few cases this research translates into industrial development, employment and GDP growth for our country.

The Conference "Which Future for Drug Research & Development in Lombardy?" stems from the opportunity to promote a transformational change in drug discovery and clinical trials in Lombardy. Major aim of this Conference is to gather operational proposals and recommendations for the development to be submitted to the institutions. That will allow institutions to take the necessary steps for an effective change in a strategic sector for the development of people, society, the economy.

This initiative is preceded by two Workshops (respectively on Drug Discovery and Clinical Trial) and the preparation of a Draft 2014 Report on Clinical Trials in Lombardy. It is then followed first by focused meetings on relevant topics discussed at the Conference, then by the issue of the Conference Proposal Document. Presentation of the Proposal Document and discussion on its implementation with relevant Institutions will conclude the activities of the Conference.